Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everyone is taking and no one is giving. You just want to take-even with love. You want someone to love you. The basic need is that you should love someone. Both of these poles must be balanced. A normal being is one whose taking in and giving out is parallel, balanced. I call that man abnormal whose taking in is too much and whose giving out is unbalanced. He is not giving out at all. Even if he gives sometimes, it has to be forced. You can snatch something from him, but he will not give. His giving out is like an enema, it is not natural. It is abnormal to go on hoarding everything. There are three types: the abnormal one, who takes in and never gives out; the normal one, whose give and take are balanced; and the supernormal who only gives. A Buddha is a giver; a madman is a taker. If both poles are balanced, you are normal. At least be normal, because if you cannot be normal you will fall and become abnormal. Giving is so emphasized in all the religions. Give-whatsoever it is-and don't think of taking. Then you will become supernormal. But that is a very far-off thing. First be normal, be balanced. Whatsoever you take in, give it back to the world. Just be a passage. Don't hoard. Then you will never become mad, you will never be neurotic, schizophrenic, psychotic or whatsoever you may call it. A normal man is absolutetely balanced. Nothing is retained. He takes a breath in and then he allows it to move out. The incoming breath and the outgoing breath are balanced. Try to be balanced, and always remember that you must give back that which you have received. You will be alive, healthy, silent, peaceful, happy. A deep rhythm will happen to you through a balance of give-and-take. We go on thinking in terms of taking in more and more. Whatsoever you take in without giving out will create disturbance, tension, suffering. You will become a hell. Before you take something in, always think to release something out.
The Book of Secrets.

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