Saturday, May 12, 2007

The only problem in life is to get stuck somewhere. If one goes on moving and changing, one is bound to reach the ultimate, just as every river is bound to reach to the ocean if it goes on moving. The problem arises only if it stops moving. And that's what life energy is: a river. God is nothing but that ocean waiting in the beyond. There is no need to do something special in any way to reach to god. All that is to be remembered is: go on changing, go on flowing. Never get stuck at any point-remain -river like. Just remember that change is life. Each moment remain available to the new. Always welcome the new so that change can continue. What people do is just the opposite: they cling to the old; then change stops. The change is with the new. With the old there is no change, But people cling to the old because the old seems to be secure, comfortable, familiar. You have lived with it so you know it; You have become skilful in it, knowledgeable about it. With the new again you will be ignorant; with the new you may commit mistakes; with the new, who knows where it will lead? Hence fear arises and out of the fear people cling to the old. And the moment you start clinging to the old you have stopped flowing. That's what I mean when I say getting stuck..
The Tongue Tip Taste of Tao.

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