Friday, May 11, 2007

Everything in this world has its own place and has its own dignity. By your judgment you are destroying the dignity of someone, You are interfering in somebody's territory. A man who is full of judgment becomes ugly, becomes unbearable. A man without judgment is always welcomed by everyone because he will never interfere in your territory ; he will never trespass your spirituality and your dignity." "You are free to choose but you are not free not to choose. And that's what I am teaching you: don't choose. Explore, discover, don't decide before you have realized. And realization, liberation, freedom, will give you an insight into everything. You will feel compassionate and loving to the whole life that surrounds you, nonjudgmentall. This is the trouble: people judge others and they judge themselves too. When they judge themselves they feel guilty; when they judge others they take people's dignity and honour. This judgmental mind is a double-edged sword: it cuts you, it cuts others. It has destroyed the whole humanity. Drop this judgmental mind, and with this judgmental mind you will drop all your religions, all your moralities. You will become an innocent child, rejoicing in everybody and his uniqueness.
I Celebrate Myself.

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