Friday, May 11, 2007

I call my religion religionless religion. I call it religionless because it has nothing to do with all religions which have existed up to now. But still I call it religion because I also want to deny the atheists, the antireligious. They both were part of the old game. The theist and the atheist-they were the polarity in the past. If I simply call this a religionless phenomenon it becomes atheism, and it is not atheism. I want to insist that I am not a theist nor an atheist. In fact, both are idiots-they are discussing about something which does not exist. One is saying God is; another is saying God is not. But both are concerned about God, and wasting their whole life arguing about God. So I am giving a new term to religiousness. It is no more concerned with God, no more concerned with heaven and hell, no more concerned with all kinds of theologies or anti theologies. It is a scientific search into your consciousness. But because it is a search into consciousness, I call it religion. I cannot call it simply science, because science is arrowed towards the objective reality. Religion is arrowed toward the subjective reality.
The Last Testament.

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