Saturday, May 05, 2007

A few things to be understood..... one: there is no need to hectically change you’re interest from men to women. If it changes on its own, that's good, but there is no need to force that change. A forced change never goes very deep, never works, and there is no need to force. Accept your homosexuality. Don't condemn it; there is no need. It is a perfectly valid way. And if you accept it, one day you can go beyond it; if you reject it, you can never go beyond it, that's the problem. If you reject it, it will haunt you. If you deny it, it will try to overpower you. The denied parts of your being become revengeful. So there is no need to deny it. It's perfectly valid.Mm? There are so many ways to relate sexually, homosexuality is one of the ways; simply accept it. Joyously accept it, not grudgingly, not reluctantly...

Believing The impossible Before Breakfast.
Darshan Diary.
Friday 24 February 1978.

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