Friday, May 11, 2007

It is reported of one of the Sufi masters, Junnaid, that he was working with a new young man. The young man was not aware of Junnaid's inner wisdom, and Junnaid lived such an ordinary life that it needed very penetrating eyes to realize that you were near a Buddha. He worked like an ordinary labourer, and only those who had eyes would recognize him. To recognize Buddha was very easy, he was sitting under a bodhi tree. To recognize Junnaid was very difficult, he was working like a labourer, not sitting under a bodhi tree. He was in every way absolutely ordinary. One young man was working with him, and that young man was continually showing off his knowledge. So whatsoever Junnaid would do, he would say,' This is wrong. This can be done in this way, it will be better'-he knew about everything. Finally Junnaid laughed and said'' Young man, I am not young enough to know so much.'' This is really something. He said," I am not young enough to know so much". Only a young man can be so foolish, So inexperienced. Socrates was right when he said," When I was young, I knew too much. When I became ripened, experienced, I came to realize only one thing, that I was absolutely ignorant.
Tarot in the Spirit of Zen.

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