Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just one day I said homosexuality is a perversion. Immediately, few letters arrived, very angry. Because there are few homosexuals. And they said, "What are you talking? We have come here only thinking that you accept all -- and you don't reject, don't condemn anything. I have not condemned. But the question and the answer were for a particular person. You need not be worried about it. It may not be relevant to you. To a homosexual, homosexuality is religion, his religion. He does not believe in heterosexuality. He thinks the heterosexuals are a little perverted -- or at least very orthodox, out-of-date people, should not exist anymore, are no more contemporaries. What nonsense they are talking about? To the heterosexual, the homosexual seems to be very perverted, animalistic, even below the animals. And to the homosexual, the heterosexual is animalistic -- because homosexuality is the invention of man, the superior man. Animals are not homosexual, at least not in their wild state. In zoos, sometimes, yes. But there they become affected by human beings. They learn from human beings. But in wild, they are not homosexuals. So homosexuality is something special that man has discovered. It is a defining phenomenon. Just as Aristotle says, "Man is a rational being", the homosexual says, "Man is a homosexual being -- only man has the capacity to rise to such heights.
The Book Of The Books
I, #16

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