Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nobody wants to give you pain; the pain is because of your past. Those wounds are there, They have to be opened. When you open a wound, the puss oozes out. You'd forgotten the pain and again the pain is there, but that is the only way to heal it. To open a wound to the sun to the wind is the only way to heal it." " It is an effort to uncover all that which we are hiding. Those are unpleasant things we are hiding, that's why we are hiding them: anger, violence, hatred, jealousy and all that. We are hiding them because we are afraid that if people come to know about them, they will not like us. It is not only that we hide them from people; by and by we start hiding them from ourselves too, because if we know about them, then we will not like ourselves. And it will be very difficult to live with yourself if you constantly know how ugly you are. So not only do we have to hide facts from others, we have to learn strategies to hide facts from ourselves too
Believing The Impossible Before Breakfast.
Darshan Diary.
Wednesday 15 February 1978.

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