Sunday, May 06, 2007

Let it come to a climax You are still holding it. You are afraid of fear. Fear is good; fear of fear is bad. Fear is natural but fear of fear is an unnatural thing. So just drop the second fear and allow the first fear to have its say. It has to do something, there is some work for it to complete, and once it has done the work it will disappear. If you prevent it, it will continue, because by preventing it you will be preventing its work. Whatsoever happens in life has some very deep meaning in it. Everything should be excepted-fear too, anger too. Only when you except all do you start growing. If you reject even a single thing, you cannot grow. It is as if you want to come to see me but you don't want to bring your left hand. It is impossible: either the left hand will come with you or you will have to stay with the left hand and you will not be able to come. Man is an organic totality; fear is a part, just like the left hand. If you want to grow you will have to take everything with you-fear, anger, love, hate, all. If you want to drop even one thing you will have to remain there, you cannot grow, because those things are not like accidental attributes to you. They are your essential being, they are you! Fear is you, anger is you.
Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast.
Darshan Diary

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