Sunday, May 06, 2007

One thing has to be absolutely clear about my work: I don't want anybody to feel guilty about anything. I want humanity to be completely free from guilt. Now all the religions of the world have done just the opposite: they have made people feel very, very guilty. They have made all people feel like sinners. That's why the world is so miserable. The ceremony has lost its music, its dance. Everybody is so sad and the whole thing has become ugly because everybody is so guilty. If you eat this, you are guilty; if you drink that, you are guilty. If you make love to this woman, you are guilty. If you have some revolutionary ideas, you are guilty. If you have some eccentric sexuality, you are guilty.... a thousand and one traps to make you guilty! Unless you completely deaden yourself you cannot be respected. So society respects only dead people, and the alive people are all guilty and sinners. My whole approach is just the contrary, the diametrically opposite-I would like you to feel happy. Whatsoever you do, you are excepted!
At the Feet of the Master.

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