Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Meditate. Sit silently watching your thoughts, homosexual, heterosexual, whatsoever they are, it doesn't matter. You watch, you become the witness. Slowly slowly a distance will be created between you and your thoughts. And one day suddenly; the realization that you are not your mind. And that day a revolution has happened within you. After that day you will never be the same again. A transcendence will have happened. After that, whatsoever you do is right; you can't do wrong then. And before that, whatsoever you do is wrong. So when I say I have nothing against homosexuality I'm not supporting it, remember, I am not saying' Be homosexual' I don't have anything against heterosexuality either, but I am not supporting heterosexuality. I am not supporting anything. These are all mind games. And you have to go beyond all the games.
The Book of The Books

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