Thursday, May 10, 2007

Question There are a lot of people, of course, struggling with the ego in the group. People say I am ego tripping. Should I just accept that?

OSHO replies. " Accept it. To accept the ego is to go beyond it, because the ego is never willing to accept. That's its defence. The ego is always protective and defensive. It goes on always saying that you are not on an ego trip. Once you say' Yes, maybe I am on an ego trip', it is finished. Then what is the point of the ego? Then you become defenceless; you accept it. But if you feel that yes, you are on an ego trip, there is no need to even say 'maybe'. Say' Certainly I am on ego trip and I am enjoying it!' In that moment there is no ego, because when you accept, the whole game is gone. The game consists of not accepting. People are saying that you are on ego trip, and you say that you are humble man, the most humble man in the world. You say that you are not on an ego trip. You may be. That is the ego, accept it. If you feel certain, accept it with certainty. If you are not certain, say' maybe', 'perhaps'. If you think you are not on ego trip, but the other is feeling very happy saying that you are, then let him enjoy it! That is her ego trip, so why be worried about it! Good.
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