Saturday, May 05, 2007

An openly homosexual young man asks for and receives sannyas from OSHO at Darshan on Tuesday January the third 1978.
The Western religions have been bothering too much about the periphery, hence the idea of sin and guilt. And it's been very destructive; and people have been unnecessarily condemned for small things which don't matter and then become guilt wridden. They have become self condemners. And they cannot be happy because how can you be happy if you're continuously condemning yourself? They can't permit themselves to be happy; that looks outrageous. Happiness is not allowed on earth, only in heaven, where pure souls gather together. But the Eastern approach is totally different; it doesn't bother too much about you're doing, simply go in. Whatsoever part has been given you, fulfil it as joyously as possible and always remember that deep down you remain always in God.
The Sun behind the Sun, behind the Sun.

Darshan Diary

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