Saturday, May 05, 2007

You forget about men. You are naturally a lesbian and it will be impossible for you to become heterosexual. Simply accept it and go into it. Drop the whole idea of men; your energy will not fit with them. You have been trying hard, that's why it is creating a nightmare. Simply relax with yourself and never again raise the question, never again think about it.

There are very few people who are naturally homosexual, but you are. I knew that you were a natural lesbian, but I was trying to see if you could come out of it; it will not be possible. And there is no need -- if it is natural then there is no need. Only those who have fallen somehow and adopted it as a habit can come out of it. It is not a habit to you. It is not second nature, it is your nature. So simply accept it and forget all about men. Just drop the whole idea and the whole nightmare will disappear. And be absolutely happy as things are, as you are. Even if sometimes I say something -- because I am speaking to so many people, mm? -- you need not worry. If sometimes I am saying something against homosexuality, remember: you are excluded! Or do I have to remind you again and again that [you are] excluded?

Just take it as understood -- that Chandan is excluded. And when more natural homosexuals come, I will make a club of you. Just wait! A few natural ones will be coming. There are at least ten percent of people who can be natural homosexuals. It is not a big majority, but still a large number. Ten percent means that out of ten people one is a natural homosexual.

So soon you will have your own world here too. But from this moment I take away your nightmare -- it is finished. Good?
Don’t Bite My finger .Look Where I’m Pointing.
Darshan Diary
Chapter 17

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