Monday, May 07, 2007

So for one who is a sannyasin-for one who has taken sannyas-I emphasize that you do whatever you are doing. Do not change your behaviour, change your consciousness. Do whatever you are doing consciously. Be angry-anger is no cause for worry-but be angry consciously. This consciousness becomes transformation and your whole behaviour is changed; you cannot remain the same. And now this change is not just a change in behaviour; it becomes a change of your being also, not only of your doing. You do not have to create a false personality, a mask. You can be completely at ease with yourself. But this 'being at ease with yourself' can come only when you have become totally conscious. Tension is there because you are living with masks; you are violent and you have to be non-violent; you are angry and you have to be non angry; you are sexual and you have to be nonsexual. This creates tensions, this creates anxieties. This is the anguish, the whole anguish; you have to be something which you are not, so you are bound to be in a deep anxiety constantly. This' being something which you are not' is withering and dissipating your whole life energy in tensions, in conflicts. Really, conflict is never with someone else; it is always with yourself. So I emphasize being at ease with yourself. And you can only be at ease when your behaviour is conscious. So be conscious; meditate and be conscious in your behaviour. Then things will begin to change without your knowing it. You will be different because of your different consciousness.
Dying to the Past
Chapter 9.

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