Monday, May 07, 2007

You also asked about guidelines. People have been told such nonsense for centuries-as if spirituality is a kind of geography, so that maps are given to you, guidelines are provided to you: Follow the right guidelines and you will reach that goal. Alas, things are not so cheap. There are no maps in existence; no solid guidelines either, because each individual is so unique that what may be a guideline for one may prove a distraction for another; what may be medicine to one may prove poison to another. Individuals are so different. And if a master cannot understand the difference of individuals, their unique qualities, talents, geniuses, then who is going to understand? No general guidelines can be provided. The master simply goes on dropping all kinds of hints. Remember my word' hints'-not guidelines. And you have to choose whatever suits you, and you have to experiment to see whether it is workable for you or not. If it works, go deeper into it; if it does not work, don't feel guilty. You have not committed any sin, you have simply failed in an experiment. With a master, life has become a scientific experiment. It is no more a question of heaven and hell, punishment and reward. It is a question of exploration. And each individual has to explore in his own way. There are no golden rules: this is the only golden rule there is. There is no superhighway with milestones telling you how far you are from the goal. In the spiritual exploration, you have to walk and create your path by your walking; their is no ready-made path so that you have to simply walk on it.
Beyond Enlightenment..
October 12, 1986

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