Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sometimes pain is so cleansing that pleasure is nothing compared to it, to the value of it. Pleasure is almost always superficial. That's why the rich people look so shallow: they don't have any depth. They move from one sensation to another, they live on the surface. Pain brings depth. It goes like an arrow into the heart, it pierces; its thrust is deep. It hurts, but once the arrow has penetrated your being, you will become aware of a different plane. You will feel that you were not that superficiality, that you have a certain depth; but each depth has to be attained through a death, and that death is painful. Intensive Enlightenment is of immense value. So go through the pain and you will come out of it so fresh, young, as if you had taken a spiritual bath

Believing The Impossible Before Breakfast
Darshan Diary.
Tuesday 21 February 1978.

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