Sunday, May 06, 2007

That's all we do here: work towards clarity. The whole work consists of bringing clarity to you, so you can see things as they are. And once you see things as they are, things start changing. The very awareness of them brings transformation. We remain hooked into habits, mechanical habits, because we are not aware of them. And we cannot change those habits because there is nobody to change them either. Those habits are their and at the most you can change one habit into another habit. That's all that can be done, but that makes no sense; the other is as mechanical as the first, it is the same rut. So the emphasis here is not on changing you; the emphasis is on making you alert and aware of where you are, what you are, what things are surrounding you. In that very awareness, in that very light, you start changing.
Darshan Diary
The Sun behind the Sun behind the Sun.

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