Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Misery arises because we don't allow change to happen; We cling, we want things to be static. If you love a man you want him tomorrow too, the same way as he is yours today. That's how misery arises. Nobody can be certain about the next moment. What to say about tomorrow? A man of awareness knows that life is constantly changing. Life is change. There is only one thing permanent and that is change. Everything else except change changes. To accept the nature of life, to accept this changing existence, with all its seasons and moods, this constant flow which never stops for a single moment, is to be blissful! Then nobody can disturb your bliss. It is your hankering for permanency that creates trouble for you. You want to live in a life with no change, and that is not possible. You are asking the impossible.
OSHO .No Man Is An Island.

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