Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My whole message is: accept the you that you are. Existence respects it, and you have not respected your being yet. Be immensely happy that existence has chosen you to be, to exist, to see this world, to listen to music, to see the stars, to see people. Love and be loved-what more do you want? Rejoice! And in that very rejoicing, by-and-by, it will explode in you like lightning that you are special. It will not come as an ego that you are special as against others. Now, in that moment you will know that everybody is special. The ordinary exists not. If you think I AM SPECIAL -more special than that man, more special than that woman-then you have not yet understood. It is an ego game. You are special, not in comparison with anybody-special just as you are. Comparison brings conflict. Comparison brings ambition, and comparison brings imitation." " You're perfectly okay as you are. This is what I call respect towards one's own being. Respect, accept, recognize, and all those foolish efforts to be special will disappear
I Say Unto You.

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